Three Tremendous Tips To Taking On Your Power

This isn’t about Wonder Woman and that power she exudes.

Photo by Engin Akyurt from Pexels

It’s about your own inner light. On some days, it might shine brightly, but because we are all human, it can be dimmed from time to time.

I’ve just come out of the most amazing week in my business! There have been so many breakthroughs, and for me, it is always about my own power and fighting to hold onto it on some days.

The confidence that wavers; that self-doubt talk that pops up; the worry that upsets my peace.

You see, it all boils down to this one important thing:

None of those things are labels that I choose to live by; they are only states of mind.

I am not an unconfident person; I am not a person who wallows in self-doubt, and I am certainly not a worrier. The simple truth is, I am a human being who might have unproductive states of mind from time to time.

I have learned to acknowledge these states, and more importantly, I have learned techniques to help me through them.

Here are my tips to reset your power button:

A “gratitude attitude” gets me through everything!

Every morning, and whenever you feel a little waver in your resolve, ground yourself by reminding yourself of what you are grateful for.

You will notice that I said, “remind yourself”. This is because we have everything that we need to achieve all that we desire; it simply takes a little reminder here and there towards that power.

I like to align my gratitude with three things in my office. In all honesty, my office is my second bedroom in my apartment, and I share this space with the washing line 🙂

Nevertheless, I have such a sense of gratitude while I am hanging the washing. I know, right — it’s a little weird, but it stems from when I first moved from my parents home.

I didn’t move out because I didn’t get on with my folks. I also didn’t move out because I was getting married, which I think my father might have chosen differently for me. I was born in the early ’70s, so I imagine that society expected me to move out of my parent’s home with my husband.

I moved out because I was out to discover what I was really made of. In retrospect, it was a journey to discover my core values. When I think of my top core values now, freedom and adventure, my moving out was really me moving towards those two things.

I digress, though! Back to my office and my washing line, and those three things I was talking about.

I ground myself with gratitude, and to always remind me to start with gratitude; I attach three things that I am most grateful for with three tangible items in my office. I spend loads of time in my office, so my gratitude is firmly entrenched.

  • My washing line — because I’m grateful for the person I am now and for the part that my parents had in that process;
  • My laptop — because I’m grateful for the freedom that it offers me and for the lives that are changed because of this incredible tool;
  • My chair — because I’m grateful for its ongoing support

It’s a simple little exercise and easy to do, but so powerful in its outcome.

Once I start being grateful for the “easy” things, my heart opens into some awesome areas of gratitude. It’s often so overwhelming that it brings tears to my eyes when I assess all the things that I am so blessed to have around me.

2. Remind yourself of your awesome power

Write down all the wonderful things that you are — all the things that are awesome about you.

If you struggle here, start with your gender.

For me, since I am a woman, being a woman is so empowering. This comes from how my mother treated me. She was a powerhouse in her own right, and I learned this from her.

She never backed down from an argument; she didn’t cower in a crowd; she had the best sense of humour and was quick-witted. I loved those things about her.

She was always authentically herself; she stood up for me and in turn, it gave me the authority to stand up for myself too.

As I have progressed in this thing of life, I have written on a post-it note (which I have pasted on my laptop) to remind myself, that:

  • I’m a leader;
  • I’m confident;
  • I’m a Coaching Master;
  • I’m a documentor;
  • I’m a video-making machine.

These are the things that help me towards my business goal. They also help me towards my power too.

3. Check in with your tribe

For me, the people that I have around me are so important to my onward progress.

Let’s be honest with ourselves here. We are never going to be at the end of our journey; we are always in this perpetual state of pilgrimage of sorts. We are always going to be moving into some next chapter, and as the saying goes:

“It takes a village….”

Ok! So the quote was in relation to raising children and I totally see why this quote rings true in that regard.

However, I would say that when we are moving into our next chapters, being struck down by what life throws at us, taking onboard commentary from others….it takes a village to help us through those bumpy parts of our journey.

So, when the resolve is wavering, and you feel less powerful than you know you can be, check in with people who have your back. Your friends to give you a boost of much-deserved energy and kindness; your networks who have the same mission as you, so they know what you are going through. Your family.

I started by telling you about the incredible week that I have just come out of. Undoubtedly, it was this good because of the people that I am surrounded by.

I won a challenge that was being run in my business network group. It meant so much to me, and I only realised the impact of winning when I was announced as the winner. I was utterly speechless. I am not big on words generally, but I couldn’t even get out “thank you”. I’m big on “thank you”, but I was so overwhelmed with gratitude!

I always make it a habit to check in with this particular business group. It is the safest place I know, and through it, I have met some of the most amazingly talented and gifted people in their online business field. It is headed up an amazing young woman, and we all feed off one another’s energy.

It’s because of this that I won. Yes, we all did the work around the challenge, but I won only because of the people around me — my tribe.

We shine differently when we are in the right place, with the right people.

I believe this of all the people that touch my life.

So, yes, we are only what our states of mind are from time to time. Understanding that first will help to shed those unhelpful labels that you might have given yourself and to step back into your awesome power.

Originally published at on April 12, 2021.