So you want to start an online business?

Google Trends suggests that the search for “online business” has risen by some 20 points, between the period starting September 2019 to September 2020. Over the past five years, the trend has steadily risen. Not big news, and it’s appropriate when we think back to the beginning of 2020, and we were all asked to stay home.

Pandemic Aftermath

The reality of the aftermath of the pandemic is rearing its nasty head. Some corporations have for months now, transitioned their employees to periods of taking leave, instead of drawing their full monthly salaries. Some businesses have had to close their doors completely, while others have had to make very quick decisions to simply stay afloat. Countries are reeling from the additional costs on their health services, and many will need to raise taxes to fulfill their debt obligations to loans taken during the height of the pandemic. People are relooking at their hard-earned pensions in response to rising inflation, and talk of recession paints a bleak picture for many.

I have my own dreams

If you are anything like me, way before the pandemic hit us all, I was looking for a life of freedom. It sounds like such a cliche and it probably is, but all I ever wanted was to determine how I spent my time. I didn’t want to be working towards someone else’s dreams and goals, I had my own dreams and it was high time that I went out to find them. It was so scary to think that I wasn’t going to be in full employment, but nevertheless, I pulled the plug on a life where I would simply trade my time for a salary.

Living purposefully

Now I understand that this step seems irresponsible for many, and most will go on to say that this cannot be me, although you might resonate with the longing of having the liberty to spend your day working on your own goals for your own business. But it’s about living purposefully and living authentically, and being able to show up for your loved ones when they need you to be there. It’s about not having to check with your boss to get permission to attend family events, and getting to a point where you don’t feel afraid that your career might come crashing down around you, as a result of circumstances that are out of your control.

I needed help

Initially, I was so comfortable with my decision to leave the “9 to 5”. My entire future had changed and I was, at last, taking steps to determine that future. I had, at last, got off the treadmill of daily activities that brought me no joy and little excitement for the days ahead.

Although filled with excitement and promise, I knew that if I was going to make a success of my decision into entrepreneurship that I needed help getting it right. I needed skills to learn a career in the online industry but most of all, I needed people to assist me and who understood my journey.

There are so many online resources

It didn’t take me long to be completely overwhelmed by the resources online because there are so many! It is hard to cut through all of the advice and messaging from online entrepreneurs and it quickly became apparent to me, that not all resources online are created equal.

It was difficult not to fall into the trap of the “get rich online quickly” rhetoric of some advertisers. I knew that I needed to make money to replace the steady income that I had given up. I also was fearful as to how I would even manage with my lack of technical skills in setting up this online space for myself. I had gone from excitement to fear in one fell swoop. What on earth had I done?

My overcoming of fear

I sat quietly one day, having just read and re-read a whole bunch of downloads. These downloads told me about the best way to market online, the most efficient way to start your sales funnel, and gave me tips on how to overcome my fear. I was even more scared.

While sitting quietly with myself, I made a list of what I really needed. It was a shortlist. This is it:

  • I need support from people who are on the same journey as me;
  • I need to learn skills from people who have made this journey, and who have already learned the mistakes I will make;
  • I need to mastermind with people to develop myself out of this place of fear
  • Ideally, I need this is one space.

The fourth point was a wish and if I found all of the first three on the same platform, then I was winning!

Fast forward to where I am now

I am winning! I am not going to tell you that I have completely overcome my fear, which I have discovered is the fear of failure. I manage that fear every day, with a community of entrepreneurs that I am in synch with. I train every day and learn new skills to keep in touch with the ever-changing digital space. I take action and the most important thing that I have learned, is that with action, my fear seems unreasonable, and I now know that my dreams of living with freedom are within my reach.

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