Four Reasons why your “Why” will shift your Mindset!

I like to call it “The Why Factor”

Photo by Polina Zimmerman from Pexels

I am going to head straight into those four reasons. Here goes!

  1. Your why is a warrior for that horrid doubt monster.
  2. Your why shakes up those unhelpful patterns taking place in your mind.
  3. Your why helps you set clear intentions.
  4. Your why, will always be that go-to place for action.

I am fortunate enough to be in a business network group with awesome online entrepreneurs who are encouraged to explore and reinforce their “why”.

The reason that they are in business; the reason they get up in the morning; and the reason that pushes them forward despite all odds.

It’s a super-powerful exercise, and when we read each other’s “whys” it fills you with such joy and commitment to your own audacious goals.

I would say that for me, it has been the single most robust strategy to my online growth. We must all keep growing.

It quietens the doubt monster.

If you are anything like me, doubt creeps in from time to time. I sit and ponder on what might have been an easier decision. I ask myself whether I should simply return to a life of the 9 to 5.

When I think about the logistics of returning to my “old life” it fills me with such fear, because today I am ultimately living my life aligned with my core values. It’s a life where my huge goals can in fact be achieved.

This fills my heart with gratitude, just writing about it.

I have my “why” posted in clear view. I can see it every day and when that nasty doubt monster starts creeping in, I think of my “why”.

The warrior in me comes to the surface and slays that doubt!

Let’s talk about “unhelpful” patterns

As a mindset coach, I am fully aware of unhelpful patterns in my state of mind. Yes, we all go through those states of anger, fear, grief, self-doubt to name a few.

The trick though is not to wallow in those states, and not to hang around in those unresourceful moments. What I find useful, is to accept the state for what it is, understand the reasons for being in that state, and then ask what state would be best for me to make the situation easier.

“What state would be best for me to make this situation easier?”

An exceptionally powerful question to ask yourself.

Even more incredible is to ask yourself this question and refer back to your big, bold and fearless “why”.

This combination will re-light your fire inside and get you into superhero state!

Setting clear intentions based on your “why” will always get you over challenging hurdles

My intention is clear and sharp simply because it has its foundation in my “why”.

If you were asked the question in a certain circumstance, for example, scaling your online business, your “why factor” helps you become clear on your intentions. Moving forward from there, your intentions clarify and create our reality.

Dr Wayne Dyer coined that phrase. “Our intention creates our reality”, and I firmly believe it.

Taking action is far easier when you have a “why”

What would you act on, if you didn’t have a reason to?

If your intention was unclear, how would you take purposeful action?

Your “why” is ultimately congruent with all of your business efforts, and if it is bold enough it will permeate into everything that you stand for in your life. Taking action then almost becomes like second nature.

So, never underestimate the almighty power of your “why”. It will keep you moving, even when it is difficult to do so. It will keep you on point, even when all around you the noise is deafening, and it will take you to a place that is wonderful and rewarding.

It’s a place we all deserve.

Are you ready to head into your power?

Originally published at on April 5, 2021.