5 Daily Habits of Successful Leadership

While it might seem a dreary prospect to follow a daily routine, the power that this routine provides, and the good habits created, are incontrovertible.

Some leading entrepreneurs and business people have their own specific routine, and these daily habits have set them up as leaders in their respective industries.

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For me personally, I love Benjamin Franklin’s plans for self-improvement. On the road to being a business entrepreneur being a persistent student is key to a successful outcome.

Elon Musk’s schedule of planning his day in five-minute blocks is something that I am going to implement to be even more effective in my management of time.

Kevin Kruse, a Time Management expert has researched and found that top performers use time-blocks as opposed to To-Do-Lists to achieve the best possible outcome in the productivity of their days.

Habits and routines are of course very personal, but knowing how to put your best foot forward, and what critical tasks you need to accomplish to boost your business strategy, can set you up as a leader in your own niche.

Here are five daily habits, that you could implement immediately.

Daily Habit 1Visualisation and Meditation on your Goals

Writing out a set of goals is only the first step to understanding what needs to be done in your vision for the future.

Action steps are of course critical to achieving your goals, but often these steps can become overwhelming. Self-doubt and negative talk creep in, especially if you are new to the entrepreneurial journey.

Visualizing and being in your future where your goals are already attained, solidifies your actions and bolsters your way forward. You remember your purpose and are able to pinpoint the reason for taking this journey in the first place.

It marks the way for your next step and builds the confidence you need when your journey is a path where you might be learning new skills.

Visualizing makes your goals a reality and not just a bunch of words on a piece of paper you have pasted on your wall above your desk.

Daily Habit 2 — Personal Development

Investing in yourself and your continuing growth is always money well spent.

During my research, I read how entrepreneurs have failed on numerous occasions or have even lost their businesses completely. Because of the skills that they have learned though, those “failures” are literally like water from a duck’s back.

It is the deep-seated knowledge and self-belief in their expertise and skill that puts them ahead of all others. It bolsters their performance and supports their daily drive towards their end-goal.

It is also not just tangible skills that lead to the development of self. It is reading inspiring articles, and being prudent as to what you listen to and things you involve yourself in.

Self-development is not a destination, it is the ultimate journey, and having this item on your list of daily habits is a must.

I have this quote from Oprah Winfrey in a clear view as I sit at my desk. It for me highlights what self-development is mostly about:

Do the one thing you think you cannot do. Fail at it. Try again. Do better the second time. The only people who never tumble are those who never mount the high wire. This is your moment. Own it.”

Daily Habit 3 — Brainstorm and Mastermind with other Leaders and Mentors

I hear this often from my mentors that I learn from:

“Read. Read some more, and then some more. Listen. Listen some more and then some more. Once you have done this, take action!”

While you might be setting off on a journey that may be foreign to you, you can count on it that there are others who have already walked your path. They are the trailblazers who are making things happen in the same way you need to. Follow them.

Read about their successes. Listen to their words of advice and act upon that advice. Participate actively in forums, and webinars and follow through on the lessons learned.

Being a perpetual student is not enough. Knowing that you have gained the knowledge and skills, and understanding a successful framework is just the first step. Acting on that knowledge is fundamental to the mastermind process.

Even the most successful entrepreneurs have mentors and people they look up to. It is being a willing receptacle to learn and grow.

Daily Habit 4 — Learn, Do, Teach

Leaders are self developers. As we are leaders, we also have an expectation that others are leaders in their own right too.

As you have learned from your mentors and leaders, it is your responsibility to “pay it forward” by putting your new skill, or belief into action and teaching others to do the same.

It is potentially a life-changing and world-changing practice.

Imagine a place where we are all learning from each other, putting into practice our new skills, and creating good habits everywhere?

Daily Habit 5 — Income-producing activity

As an entrepreneur, you are ultimately your own boss.

We seldom answer to anyone else and thus, as my old dad used to say, we are responsible for pushing our own wheelbarrows.

While we might not answer to others, we remain responsible to ourselves and to those around us who love and depend on us. Accordingly, an income-producing activity practiced every day must be on the list of daily good habits.

Placing an ad, writing an article, managing affiliate links, (if this is your strategy), and promoting your content, are habits that will ultimately have a positive effect on your income.

Practicing these five daily habits might just be powerful enough to change your view of leadership. After all, it is not the position we lead from, but it is the mindset that we project that makes us leaders in our own right.

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